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Welcome to Lean Healthy Life

service-icon-2At Lean Healthy Life Dr. Eric Lane and his wife Inger are so happy to introduce the Bod Pod to Tucson.  In our quest to get patients healthier it was imperative to have a tool that will accurately measure body composition.  Everyone knows that weight only tells part of the story.  More importantly is body composition.  What percentage of your body is lean body mass vs fat mass.  For anyone who is serious about getting healthy or tracking your overall fitness Bod Pod is the answer.  Bod Pod is used by serious people who need accurate results.  Many of the NFL teams and colleges use Bod Pod for detailed results.  Even the Mayo Clinic endorse the Bod Pod as the most accurate tool to access body composition.  Call our office to schedule your Bod Pod test TODAY.

Lean Healthy Life offers tools to help individuals and organizations reach their health, weight management, and athletic performance goals. Our focus in all that we do is integrity, support, and service to our clients.

We deliver on this by offering body composition testing and physician services to individuals, Workplace Wellness groups, athletes, and health and fitness clubs to promote healthier and more competitive organizations. continue to learn more

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